Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Random Nothingness

There are many  reasons to love living in New Orleans, the culture, the food, the festivals, the food...what? Yes, I know I said the food twice, it is THAT good. Anyway, two of the things I absolutely adore about New Orleans is Audubon Zoo and The Aquarium of the Americas. And now, with the addition of the Mancub to our little family, we have the perfect excuse to go to those places often, and with the addition of my kick-ass camera I have the means to take some pretty cool pics when we go. I am not a professional photographer, I'm not even good enough to call an amateur photographer. I just know what I like and I snap it, sometimes it comes out, sometimes it doesn't.

Like, here it worked,

But here it didn't

That's an alligator in the water. Where? It's behind the plant I focused on by mistake.

The Aquarium provides a little more difficulty for me what with the glass and water getting in the way, but I get some decent shots once in a while.

Anyway, why do I tell you all of this? I don't know. I needed to post something and I'm all out of interesting so I'm going to have to go with pointless.


Galaxy said...

Don't be humble! They're really great pictures.

Mancub's Mom said...

Thanks! I'm getting a little better at it each time I use the camera.

alisa wynaut said...

hello..I think we have the same insights. I love to take pictures to though they call me photographer I dont consider myself a pro. I just love to take pictures especially candid shots.. :D